We can say that promotion is a very important key for a business. Companies all over the world willingly spend big budget to finance promotion sectors. Placing advertisements on electronic media is one of the most popular. However, not all companies have ability to finance advertisements on mass media because sometimes, it is too expensive.

There is popular method applied by some companies, especially they who have limited budget, which is sticker printing. Operational vehicles will be more effective if it is used for promotion. Maybe it sounds traditional but it is effective.


picture source: Flirck

When operational vehicles come out to the street to do the jobs, thousands of people will see it. If it has given logos of companies or products, people will see it and easily remember it. Who knows that they are potential customers who interest to purchase the products or potential clients who want to place their money on the business?


picture source: Flirck

Therefore, do not underestimate promotion because it is the key for business to grow and open market. Promotion will always be needed because it gives so many effects. Even it is not easy to attract customers’ attention but at least, by giving good promotion tool, there will be more customers interest with the products we have.