There are many reasons for a company to change their logo design. To get a new logo design for your entity is relatively easier than getting it redesigned the second time. This is because the power of a business logo lies in its capability to be recalled by a client. More often than not, customers memorize a logo because of its visual presence and not because of their business. Hence when you think of redesigning a logo which was established in the minds of the customers, it is extremely perilous to do so without proper research.

Many famous brands have also faced hardships when they tried to introduce their redesigned logos. Some have faced severe censure from their customers, while others have failed to live up to their expectations. But some famous redesigned logos have also become a success for some businesses. Some also use a logo maker for this task. In a nut shell, there are pros and cons of having a logo redesign. Hence, before even thinking of revamping your corporate identity, make sure you assess the pros and cons of redesigning a logo:

pro1   pro2

The Pros of Redesigning:

Many famous companies and brands have reaped the fruits of redesigning their logo. Following are some pros that arrive through logo redesigns:

  • Having a fresh corporate logo assists in revamping the look and feel of your company.
  • It is also helpful when your company has suffered a major image blow due to some controversies.
  • A logo redesign lets your customers know about the new products and services that you intend to offer.
  • It is a clear sign that your corporation is a dynamic and current organization. It also shows to the clients that the company they are dealing with is adaptable to changes and is fearless in making alterations.
  • With a logo redesign you can also target a whole new bunch of clients through your revamped look.
  • While introducing a re-launch of a product, redesigning your logo signals the customers that something has changed in your company.

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The Cons of Redesigning:

Not every company has benefited from a logo redesign. In some cases, rebranding has backfired for famous brands. Here are some of the cons that may arrive due to redesigning a logo:

  • Most of the time, redesigning a logo incurs substantial finances on the part of a company.
  • It is not easy to narrate the company vision and mission with a revamped logo design. Sometimes complications can arrive in transitioning from an old logo to a redesigned one.
  • To reinforce a complete fresh image in the minds of the clientele is a cumbersome process and takes time.
  • Some parts of the clientele may show signs of resentment with your redesigned logo and may switch to other brands.
  • When you overdo a redesigned logo, you may be at risk of damaging your business reliability and friendliness.
  • Excessively changing your company image can really damage the years of corporate image that you developed through your old logo design.

In a nut shell, companies must remember to perform a through and comprehensive research before taking any step to redesign their logo. If applied successfully, logo redesigning can boost your company credentials to the skies. But one wrong step can spell corporate image disaster for the business.