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A few weeks ago I happened to get a web design project with the key color is purple. Honestly it was my first design using the color purple as its main color. And the funny thing is my daughter who was 3 years old was infatuated with the color purple, every thing is always desired color purple or if she said ‘grape color’, even the color of the room did she ask to replaced with purple.

And of all the experience I was inspired to design the elements of the website by using the color purple, all purple. And the result is as you see below. Of course you can download it for free for using on your next designs, totally free, and if there is deficiency I hope you guys can tell me so that I can fix. If there are other elements that you want is not here, you can request to me to add.


Web UI Elements 532.18KB 3592 Free design web element | size: 533 Kbyte
click the attachment link to download the file

Written by fandy

a web and graphic designer whose love art and design and like to share knowledge, resources and inspirations. English not my mother language so don't blame me, I just do the best to sharing, just give me suggestion to fix it. If love my work, you can support me and follow me on Twitter

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Aditia A. Pratama April 12, 2011,23:47

WOW, very nice UI, especially with purple color, make me remember something…but i missed it 🙂

overall nice there

    fandy April 12, 2011,23:59

    @Aditia, Thanks bro! mmm let me guess, college? romantic? lemhanas? :))

aditia rahman April 13, 2011,18:41

wow, you’re very talented, It quite fit for mobile web app, really cool

J. Hendrix April 13, 2011,19:52

Thanks for sharing!

RTIQLIT April 13, 2011,19:54

VERY nice!

Kawsar Ali April 13, 2011,23:07

Nice share thanks

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Web Design Company April 19, 2011,14:36

A very cool PSD. it is going to help us a lot in our Web Design Company. The purple layout gives a calm look to the website & thus preferred by a lot of customers.
I just reached you blog by googling & got this awesome design. Thanks for it.
Web Design Company

medica May 20, 2011,20:32

very good PSD file ……… thank you

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Sasha May 31, 2012,13:24

How do you implement this into the form elements of a webpage?

Michael February 28, 2013,00:58

Perfect! Just perfect! I’m considering changing my website.

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