After becoming a graphic designer, one intricacy will always haunt you in your career. The choice of pursuing prevalent design trends or following your own style is a critical decision for any designer. Should he pursue the existing logo design trends or make his own? The reason this questions is critical is because the star quality of a logo designer is to be unique and creative.

In this competitive day and age, designers find it hard to stand out from the crowd. When you design, there are numerous choices to make. Either you can go for your own expert design style to create a logo design or follow a particular trend in vogue. But in both cases, there are some advantages as well as some repercussions. Let us analyze both the scenarios and see which decision is more prudent for logo designers:

Pursing Design Trends:

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Some logo designers like to follow design trends like a religion. They call it an inspiration point for logo design ideas and concepts. Even though it is true that design trends are helpful to some extent, there are some repercussions on implementing them in your designs. So let’s discuss the dual aspects of pursuing the design trends existent in the market:

  • When you employ logo design trends, you are considering the taste and preferences of the consumers. This is because, a trend depicts what style is in vogue at a particular time.
  • A drawback is that when you rely on a trend, you are risking innovation to subside from the design. Since the design trends would be fairly similar to your design, it won’t make your logo stand out from the crowd.
  • Another point that drives most designers to follow trends is that it is time-saving. When you are short of time to complete a project within deadline, design trends help you in think faster and do the work quickly.

Following Your Own Style:

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On the other hand, most logo designers prefer following their own style of designing. These independent and self-reliant designers believe in their design aesthetics and expert skills to do the work all by themselves. Now even though it may sound like a prudent idea, there are also some drawbacks to be overly self-contained. Following are the twofold effects of using your own style in designing logos:

  • Of course when you rely on your own expert design skills, you will create a logo that is unique and exceptional.
  • Instead of following a particular trend, you create a new trend by working with your own design aesthetics.
  • One drawback of not considering logo design trends is that you may end up creating a logo that is not in line with the liking of the market.

The decision to go for design trends or following your own unique style depends solely on the situation of the project. You can also opt for a blend of both alternatives for better results.