Past, present, future, what’s the most alarming word for the web world? It’s the future. Because of the continuously advancing technology, web designers, web developers, and SEOs have to keep an eye on the future and any advancements coming in the future.

What are the changes reshaping the IT industry? The most significant one is the trend of using Smartphones and other mobile devices to access internet. This trend is the proof of technological revolution and is affecting greatly the web designers to follow some responsive approach for website creation.


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Google’s recommendation of using industry best practices for creating responsive websites gives more weight to the concept of responsive web designing to be followed by the designers. Here are mentioned few reasons behind need of creating responsive websites and why to target the mobile audience.

Why To Go For Responsive Web Designing? The Reasons!

With the growing trend of accessing internet from mobile devices, desktops are still used around the world. Responsive web designs are the best option to cater to the needs of customers using any type of device. Here are given the reasons to support the decision of almost all website design agency Glasgow about responsive web designing. Have a look!


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1. A single website caters to all screen sizes used by the users.

2. Responsive website takes shorter development cycle compared to the mobile-specific or desktop-specific site.

3. As Google recommends responsive websites, so creating such a website means being capable to win top ranks.

4. Responsive website fits well into the screen size of the devices being used by the visitors.

5. To get the due share of 2.1 billion mobile internet users, a website should be designed responsively.

Why To Target The Mobile Audience?

You may ask the question that why it’s essential to invest over the mobile market or the mobile audience. The reason is simple, the mobile traffic is increasing day-by-day, so ignoring this segment isn’t the right option. The amount of data transferred over iOS and Android is increasing with every new version launched by the respective manufacturers. It seems people are addict to internet and even mobile phones are becoming little computers, their best companions. Looking at all these aspects, can you ignore the mobile audience while designing a website or opting for the promotional strategies? Obviously not!


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Targeting the mobile audience is actually a beneficial approach in the long run because to grab the right customer share in an environment where mobile-based browsing is becoming a trend, it’s the most needed approach.

Considering designing a website to hit larger target audience? Think responsively to create a responsive web design. It’s not just to test your creativity, but also to help the end users in easy viewing of the website regardless the device they are using. And, of course, a way to bring more revenue for the business. If you think, you can’t complete the task on your own, better to look for professional designers who know how to successfully design responsive websites.

Grow online with responsive web design!

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