Host for your website is not just a space to put your website’s files to be access. Just as a home for yourself, environment, geographical location, infrastructure, access speed, and of course also the price are a factors which are very influential and important to know.


For a webmaster may already be familiar with webhosting and of course have been very understanding about it. But for beginners it is quite confusing especially when it must choose from the many providers of this service.


Do not select the reliable hosting just because the price is cheap, then we get rid of important factors above. It would hurt us if we have a good web design and interesting but difficult to access, slow and often down. We will be left by a clients, visitors, customers.


There are many web hosting that offers low prices with huge space such as ipage. But all was not enough, especially when you are using a CMS (Content Management System) in building your website, suppose you want to use wordpress for your website, web hosting surely must have a good support for wordpress .

There are several things of concern in choosing a web hosting:

  • Feature: What features are provided fairly, such as the supported programming language features (php, java, asp, perl, python, etc), availability of data backup, email management, databases, etc.
  • Operating System: Linux or Windows OS.
  • Disk space: Is it sufficient and appropriate to the needs of your site, do not be tempted with a bid of disk space that is large even unlimited. Do you really need it?.
  • Bandwidth: You certainly do not wanted your website is inaccessible because the limit of the bandwidth usage quotas till monthly period runs out, you can lose a client / customer.
  • Data Center Location: You can use the CDN service provider (Content Delivery Network) for your website can easily and speed accessible from anywhere.
  • Customer Support: It is very important especially if you do not have enough people resources to help you when you face difficulties in technical terms. Currently, many providers who provide live chat service to facilitate communication, especially when the cross country which phone call are an expensive way.
  • Security Feature: Dedicated SSL Certificate are available, this is important to protect your customers information.
  • Price: Remember do not easily fall for a cheap price, check again and compare.


Get some review before decide!

So what you need now is reliable best web hosting review, which are very useful that they are provide great information about such services and educate you so you can decide for particular host fits your needs or not.