Introduction to the resources present

With the ever changing and evolving world of web design and development, just a nice design is not enough, it is essential to add in other extensions resources in order to enhance a websites design and functionality. Many times it has been seen that the paths of both designers and the developers cross many times when coming up with a proper site with all the aspects working together. There are several tools which can be used to enhance the design and the functionality of the site.

Some significant resources useful for both designers and developers

To assist both the designers and the developers there are some tools in common which can be used to their benefit, some of which are discussed below:


Adobe BrowserLab

This helps to make sure that the web content of your site is displayed as you intended it to. This also allows one to test and view your website over various browsers, through which you can test the browser compatibility, navigational links, how it is displayed and if changes are needed to be made in accordance to all the browsers. This then makes use of the appropriate diagnostic tools to effectively optimize the site.


Stack Overflow

This resource is mainly to assist the programmers and developers when they face a problem. It is common for programmer to come across a bug or an error in the code and requires assistance with the issues. This is where stack overflow comes in, as it is a community of programmers and designers who are always available to help you with your issues and to answer your queries, along with containing abundant information for all kinds of issues.


Color scheme designer

As the name suggests, this is all about the colors and is a web based application. It helps the designers and developers, where one can make use of the many tools which are available to come up with new unique color schemes with the help of various base colors. These can be effectively used to design appealing and attractive web pages.



It is essential for the designers to understand how to combine the graphics and the wordings, so that it is easy on the eyes of the visitors, along with being appealing as well. There are lots of useful resources which impressively aid the designers in their process.


W3 schools

This is one of the most important resources for any web designer and developer, especially for those working on the coding aspect. It provides clear and easy to understand information, tutorials, along with examples which prove to be very beneficial on various scripting languages and standards.

How the resources can be effectively used

These are just few of the resources which are beneficial to use by the designers and the developers. Experienced designers possess the required expertise and have complete knowledge of the resources discussed and help impressively with all types of design needs to help their clients design more appealing. However, it is important to hire a designer from a professional web design company in India to take advantage of the experience and expert knowledge which they possess.