Staying anonymous on the web has its own set of advantages but in order to give your online presence a shot in the arm, you need to get out of your closet and show the world your identity. Even search engine giant – Google wants it too. So, welcome to the world of authorship markup where you get rewarded in the form of a search snippet with your image for writing awesome articles.

In short, Authorship markup is an innovative attempt by Google to show author information in the search result against the content created by the writer. This is a unique way of rewarding the authors for the hard work they do.

Difference between Authorship and Author rank

Since the terms sound a bit similar people tend to get confused a lot. As we have already explained what Authorship is and how it is benefitting the authors, we will try to get you acquainted with the concept of Author Rank.

Authorship makes it easier for search engines to relate an article to that of its writer whereas Author Rank is a factor that Google is allegedly integrating with its algo to determine the quality of the write-ups and to serve better and more quality content on the SERP. However, there is no data available as to how this Author Rank works but one thing is certain that Google is making the most of this new search feature – ‘Authorship’.

With Authorship, Google now knows who the authors are, and whether their write-ups deserve to get featured in the top notch positions of the SERP or not. Authorship offers search engines detail information about these authors and thereby helping them relate the articles to that of their writers and thus helping them making the web a better place to live.


End of Faceless Web

By connecting authors with their write-ups and by giving them due credit for their original works, Google is trying to make the web look more transparent. As the images of the authors are getting displayed against the snippets, Google is definitely trying to put an end to ‘faceless web’. The search results are getting more personalized thanks to the inroads of Google Plus and other social connections.

So, it has become imperative for writers to implement authorship mark-up. Here are some cool benefits of implementing authorship markup that you definitely cannot ignore for sure –

Increase Click Through rate

Authorship is offering you an excellent opportunity to stand out from the rest in the SERP as it features your Google Plus profile image against the snippet. So, people will instantly know who you are and as obvious, the fact that the article is written by you.

As far as the statistics is concerned, it is seen that search snippets with Authorship markup implemented tend to get more clicks compared to other banal blue links. So, it makes sense that you are using a good image in the Google Plus as it will give you an opportunity to impress the visitors and thereby encouraging them to click more on them.


Making the Most of Personalized Search Result

Love it or hate it, Google is focusing more on offering personalized search results. So that being said, if you happen to share some articles of some writers on Google Plus or have given thumb-up to some articles, chances are quite high that articles of those writers will pop-up whenever you are making a search with queries that are related to articles that are written by them. Google now shows search results based on your social connection and social interactivity. So that means, if you have good number of followers on Google Plus and they are actively interacting with you, not implementing authorship will be an epic mistake of your part.


As Google knows how the actual writer is thanks to Authorship markup, it will be really hard for content scrappers to game the system. Since Google will always give more value to the articles where the authorship markup is implemented, your write-ups if integrated with authorship stand a chance to beat the content scrapper sites in a whole new way.


Make it easy for Google to Identify You

Things are changing thick and fast in the SEO industry. There were some SEO Guys who earlier had tried different techniques to game the systems that include keywords stuffing, unnatural links building, building doorway pages and doing other sneaky stuff. But thankfully search engines have moved beyond just links, they are taking into several other factors that include social sharing, time spent on sites and host of other factors.

By implementing authors to that of its writers, Google is making further attempt to understand the quality of the articles and making a decision whether the write-up deserves to be on the top of the SERP or not. So, make it a point that you are helping Google in this endeavor.

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