While judging a WordPress developer you should always be peculiar about certain points. A bad WordPress developer always gives you signs by which you can make out how bad he is. You should be smart enough to actually understand those signs. Don’t wait for too long as that might cause you a problem.

You too want to know, how to be sure about a WordPress developer? Well here are a few signs that will let you know that you’re working with a bad WordPress developer.

Without a Contract:

Most of the WordPress developers do not come along with a contract. They say that they do not have a contract at present, but they will get it done once they start working. What they would actually do is, leave you alone in case of a problem. But don’t let anything of that sort happen to you. Ask them to sign a contract before they start working for any of your projects.

What you should actually do is make the WordPress developer sign the contract on the very first day itself. If he provides you with a contract of his own, go through the contract very carefully and only then sign it. Signing a contract in the beginning will help you in protecting yourself from a bad WordPress developer.

Says YES! To Almost Everything:

IF this is something your WordPress developer is doing aswell, then it is for sure that you are in a big problem. A developer who just goes on saying YES! to everything doesn’t actually do anything. Doing anything is possible only after researching, so if someone is just going on saying YES! is of no use.

It is always better if a WordPress developer first does some research regarding the project work and then gives an affirmative. Even if he says no to a certain things, it’s still understandable. But all YES!, would definitely land you in some or the other problem.

Bad Communication Skills:

Having a good communication between everyone is very important. A project can only be successful if every individual working on it communicates with each other. But at times it is seen that a WordPress developer does not communicate with his co-workers. This actually is very bad for the development of the project.

If you too are going through the same problem, fix it as soon as possible. You should always try and communicate with your developers 3-4 times in a week. Try to get details by asking the developers about their work progress. If any of the developer seems to be reluctant in doing so, remove him at once for the betterment of your project.

Starts Working At The Last Minute:

Always provide your WordPress developers with a deadline. Make sure that they complete their work within the time limit. You should always keep a note of them, if they working on a regular basis or not.

If you don’t provide your WordPress developers with a deadline, they would start working at the last minute. This will waste a lot of your valuable time. And if something goes wrong, you might have to get it done again. This might further cause you loss of time and money. Never let them cross the time limit until and unless there is some serious need. Getting daily updates would definitely help you in maintaining that.

Always Asking For More Time:

At times things do really get complicated and tough to handle. If a WordPress developer asks for more time in such a situation, then it is pretty understandable. You can extend the time limit and give them a day or two to complete their work. But if the work still doesn’t get completed, then that is a sign that you’re working with a bad WordPress developer.

You should make sure that you don’t hire the same developer again. That is because if you hire the same WordPress developer again, he will again ask for extra time and this will become a habit. But if he goes on delaying your work it will become a nightmare for you.

Bad in Coding:

Things will get even worse if your WordPress developer turns out to be a bad coder. If it is hard for you to understand the terms of coding, don’t hesitate to seek advice from another developer. Ask the other developer to review the work that your WordPress developer is doing. And if the other developer doesn’t seem to be too impressed by his work, get rid of your developer.

There are numerous good WordPress developers today, you just need to beware of the bad WordPress developers. It is definitely hard to find a good WordPress developer, but these points will definitely help you in identifying them.