There has been an unprecedented explosion of infographics in recent years. Many are confusing, cluttered and boring. Do not despair. Here are five cool infographics that use a combination of interesting colors, bold graphics and good storytelling to communicate their message.

Defending the Death Star


What if the Death Star had been equipped with biometric identifiers, uninterrupted power supplies and redundant systems? Would the rebel alliance have had the same success? That question is posed in’s infographic, “Defending the Death Star with a Little Data Center Design.” All Darth Vader needed was a water-filled plenum cooling chamber to fend off those pesky rebels.

Biggest Bankruptcies


Many countries around the world experienced a tremendous amount of fluctuation in their economy in recent years. Since the economic collapse of 2008, it seems like every other week a company goes bankrupt. This infographic from Good Magazine puts it all in perspective with a closer look at “The Biggest Bankruptcies in History.” The simple illustration of ships of varying sizes sinking below the waves is clear, colorful and shocking.

Rock Paper Scissors

rock-paper-scissors’s "How Do I Win Rock Paper Scissors Every Time?" is a good example of a how an infographic can break down a simple activity and make it fascinating. It uses interesting research to add depth to a common childhood game. The infographic explains that the art of winning the game has as much to do with understanding human nature as pure physical speed.

Credit Crisis


This simple and powerful infographic from dramatically illustrates the incredible amount of credit card debt in the United States. It is shocking to learn that around the world consumers carry more than 1 billion Visa cards. Almost half of those are in the United States. This infographic presents credit data in the form of the United States literally bleeding. It is a powerful and memorable effect.

Education by the Numbers


Produced by Microsoft Education, this colorful infographic shows several different elements of the current state of education in the United States. Using educational graphics like schoolhouses, pencils and computers, it clearly illustrates some of the imbalances in the current educational system. As an example, it explains that there are over 1 billion pupils registered from pre-kindergarten to high school. However, there are just 170 million pupils in higher education.

Biology of a Hangover


Every New Year’s Eve, some revelers indulge a little too much.’s infographic, "Understanding the Biology of a Hangover," uses humor and bold images to break down what actually causes a hangover. Friends and family may offer home remedies they have learned over the years. However, this infographic explains the science behind five sound remedies to help hangover sufferers.

As the Internet increasingly relies on graphic images to communicate information, infographics will continue to play an important role in simplifying complex data. The five examples listed here provide a good model of how to create cool, useful and robust infographics.

Written by Annette Hazard: Annette Hazard is a freelance writer that is promoting short run booklet. She often writes about tech related issues and is an avid cyclist.