Photoshop is widely used software for performing various tasks like graphic design, color correction, digital painting, matte painting, adding effects, photo retouching, photo manipulation, templates design and for animation. Means it’s a medium by which you can express creativity digitally.

So if there are many uses of Photoshop software then to become master in each or in particular task, you should know some smart techniques. And this post will introduce you fantastic techniques to make your image work better.

So follow Photoshop Techniques of Top 6 Photoshop Tasks:

1. Photoshop Editing Techniques:

Do you have your grandma’s or grandfather’s photo? Does it contain white patch and is it black & white? So if you have this sort of photo and want to colorize it by removing all dirt spots then you should go through this tutorial.

With the use of some Photoshop tools and filters you can easily get clean and colorized image.


· Advanced Photoshop Editing Techniques:

Recent tutorial is only dedicated to colorizing image from dirt to best. But there many things come in Photo editing like multiple photo manipulation, color correction, skin defects correction, adding various effects, photo retouching and many more. So to learning Photo editing in deep or in advanced level follow this tutorial.


2. Photoshop Techniques for Photographers:

Talented Photographer is whose captured photograph should show some drama and should convey some story.

So when any photographer clicks an image then that time it’s just a raw image. So to add some drama, to add some interest you should know clever Photoshop techniques.

So photographer, this tutorial will teach you some techniques to make your picture pop and will give you inspiration to do better with your further images.


· Learn to bring Sepia Tone in image:

I think many of you all will be aware from sepia tone effect. For those, who don’t know about this, sepia tone is a brown scale tone which gives old look to your image.

This tone adds pleasant contrast in our image so you can bring depth in any image. So my opinion to every photographer, should aware from this awesome effect and to bring command over this effect you should go through this tutorial.


3. Photoshop Coloring Techniques:

In Photoshop language, Photoshop coloring is ideally known as Digital Painting. If you love painting but can’t obtain command over the coloring brushes but still with the use of Photoshop software you could color any image, could bring various beautiful effects.

So in following tutorial you will find best of 33 Digital Painting tutorials to grasp different techniques of Digital painting. So take your time and first go through to all fantastic tutorials from this site to learn the beauty of Photoshop.


4. Photoshop Masking Techniques:

Masking is fantastic Photoshop feature to isolate background from main image. To isolate background, in Photoshop there are various tools like Eraser tool, Magic Wand Tool, Lasso Tool but masking is the most developed tool for isolating. With all selection tools, it’s easy to separate other body part or other image part from background but it’s much toughest job to separate hair from background. But with masking feature it becomes easier to separate hair. This is basic use of Masking.

· Learn basic of masking with video tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how masking is useful to editing one part of whole image creatively and beautifully.


· Learn Photoshop Advanced Masking Tutorial:

Why this is advanced tutorial because it will teach you to get succeed in complex task of extracting clean mask of tree set against blue sky. Selecting each branches and each leaves of tree is much difficult task and many time we does mistake in getting good results so this tutorial will teach you how smartly you can use masking to extracting complex part of image from background.


5. Wedding Photoshop Techniques:

Wedding photos demand too much softening approach, maximum contrast to look it beautiful and to create romantic mood. If you are keeping it in full of brightness then it will doesn’t create any mood.

So now it’s a time again to watch out your wedding images, if it doesn’t maintain any mood, then you should go through this video tutorial, learn the techniques that designer have implemented in that tutorial and apply it on all your wedding photos.

And then once again enjoy your beautiful memories with beautiful effects and with your beautiful spouse.


6. Photoshop Techniques for Portraits:

Clicking a photo is a little bit simple job but turning it into the best portrait is much toughest job. It demands massive creativity, great control over Photoshop tools and want to know some smart techniques.

Actually making a good portrait is kind of representation technique. Any customer will think to buy your portrait only after by watching your presentation skill. So to improve your presentation means to make better portrait you should know some techniques. Here it is you will find all of that.

So friends, here you have seen useful techniques of top 6 Photoshop tasks to achieve command on Photoshop software and to become master in particular trade. So first read it properly, then learn it exactly after that implement it and then bring beautiful results from it.