A brilliant website design is essential to maintaining a successful website. The latest information, looks and product or service display are several important traits a consumer will consider before they venture further onto your site. The following are some key elements of your web design that your prospective clients will be judging.


A website that is organized and easy to navigate around is appealing and useful to the consumer and puts your company in a desirable category. You can begin by choosing your layout carefully and arranging your products or the services that you offer in a way customers can find what they are looking for quickly and with very little effort.


Color and photographs are important elements in good web design, and they can say a lot about your business. Try adding photographs and designs that showcase your company in a fun and creative light. Color is another important feature, and it can affect the mood and appearance of the place. Choose something warm and inviting to make it a comfortable place for your customers to visit and peruse.


Updated information on your website holds the interest of the consumer. This could include blogs, newsletters or a product or service of the week. Helpful tips and anything new that’s related to your business are other ways to keep people interested, especially if you update your site at a specific time every month. Your customers will make sure to check back for the latest news.

Search Engine Optimization

Friendly search engine ranking holds the key to a popular website. The design of your site could be the most brilliant and appealing place to navigate around the world, but if nobody can find your place of business on the Internet, how successful will you be? Specific keywords and keyword phrases placed in your web content are important to get optimized search results, something to learn more about from marketing guru sites like http://www.522digital.com.

Clarity and Precision

To represent a cutting edge product or service, your website should be clear and precise to the consumer, and it should easily display your business. You can put together a plan or strategy that will entice your targeted audience and capture their attention with fun graphics and interesting content.

Mobile Accessibility

If your website is frequently viewed via mobile device, you need to make sure that the layout and text are easy to view. WordPress themes are designed for both web and mobile applications today, and they are created to help make this process easy to integrate.

Fashion Statements

The last thing you want is for your web design to portray your business as being old and outdated. Dull colors, distracting backgrounds, slow access and difficult to read text are a few of the items that can label your site. A well thought out web design separates your business from the rest of the competition, but blinking animation, junky advertising and a difficult to navigate website will send your customers clicking the “next” button.

Your website design holds the key to the success of your business. That’s why it’s important to hire the services of a knowledgeable and professional web designer. A website designer will have tips and experience to build a site that your customers won’t be able to live without.

ann-bailey Written by Ann Bailey: Ann Bailey runs several art business websites, and shares these tips for those ready to upgrade their web visibility.  The SEO and social media professionals at http://www.522digital.com, a Virginia-based internet marketing firm, offer their business clients full service brand and product merchandising through modern, visual internet advertising game plans.

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