8 Ingenious Tips for Tight Budget Product Photography

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If you’re looking to scale your online store’s operations, then shooting high-quality product images should be your number one priority. However, considering the limited bandwidth and the high cost of hiring professional photographers, it can be difficult for those working on a small budget to produce amazing imagery required to generate increased conversions. If this sounds like you, here are 8 tips you can implement in order to create incredible e-commerce photography on a tight budget.

The Latest Trend in Stock Photography

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Stock photography is the great leveller. Businesses of all kinds, through stock photographs, have access to a high quality, impressively diverse, fit for purpose catalogue of images that can boost sales and improve the professionalism of the customer’s website or business. Traditionally, these images have come from stock photo agencies, and thus customers, at the whim of the content producers, have had limited choice when it comes to price and producer. With technological progress however, things are starting to change.

Hit With Your Best Shot: 7 Effective Ways to Rock Out Those Concert Photos

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The world of music is a great source for photography opportunities. The spotlight, the crowd, the smoke, and the darkness all come into play to create striking, evocative shots. And it doesn’t hurt that the lead members of most bands are exceptionally attractive people, as well.

Digital Aviary Photography: Tips and Tricks + 30 Outstanding Images

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Birds make for some of the most beautiful nature photographs for their colorful feathers, their elegant bodies, and their dynamism in flight. They also serve as a great photography challenge, as one moment they could be calmly perched on a branch, the next moment they’re already soaring through the skies.

A Showcase of Beautiful Cinematic Photography

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Cinematic photography is defined as a photo that looks like it could be taken from a frame of a film. Typical characteristics of cinematic photography include wide-aspect ratios, complimentary colours, and atmospheric lighting.

30 Awesome Vertorama Shots for Inspiration

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Vertorama can be defined as a vertical panorama where two or more vertical images are joined together to create a single picture. In most cases this particular technique of photography is used for capturing an extensive part of an interior or an open space from the vertical angle without compromising with the horizontal dimension. This particular technique of photography is generally applied to capture the floor, wall along with the decorated ceilings of historical building, churches, palaces and other famous buildings.

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