Handing out business cards may, perhaps, be the most casual means of business promotion. But in the life of busy executives, and the countless people you meet during the day in a seemingly endless stream of meetings and random interactions, it’s not unusual to dig through a pocketful of business cards with little memory of which face to attach to what card. This is where unique and well-designed business cards come to play. It’s simply meant to stand out in a crowd. But with most individuals setting their sights on making their business cards just as unique, perhaps it’s time to take your business card game to the next level. Why not go metal?

With increasing competition in almost every field, standing out from the crowd entails increased benefits in business exposure and recall. Metal business cards show your clients how much attention you put to detail, and suggest that if you put that much effort into mundane aspects of your craft, how much more comprehensive can you be when delving into the intricacies of your field?

Here are a few of the advantages of thinking out of the box and jumping into metal business cards:

More Design Options

With cosmetic grade rolled stainless steel, you can just so much more with your business card. Be it state of the art photo-etching, intricate engravings, or utilizing luminous colors, the spectrum of your creativity is wider setting the limit almost solely on your imagination.


Obviously, if your business card is stacked with a bunch of paper cards, you will stand out. It makes a statement about the way you do your business, and even when your metal business card fail to generate an instant discussion when you hand it to a prospective client, that person will almost certainly remember who handed it to him, giving you another advantage over the rest of the stack.

Encourage Conversations

You’d be surprised at how ten seconds of the normal small talk squeezed in between looking for and handing out your business card can be expanded to ten minutes or more when you have a metal business card. It may start with a compliment for the uniqueness of the card, but that in itself gives you a window to talk about your business more. Communication is always a great foundation to building relationships.


This should be self-explanatory, though it shouldn’t be overlooked. The way your card looks sparkly new is part of the portrayal you set out for your business.

First Impression

Unique and well-designed metal cards, to be succinct, just give an overall better first impression. Of course, how you drive from that first impression is up to you, but again, in this world of ultra-competitiveness, any advantage you can get, you jump on.

Concept of Duality

If you’re looking to be cost effective, you can always resort to having standard business cards, while reserving metal business cards for special clients. Hand out regular business cards for everyday interactions, and save the special cards when you’re looking to make an impression.

Beyond The Clutter

Business metal cards ascertain that won’t be just one among a pile of cluttered paper cards. And even your business card end up in the same pile, here’s an increased chance yours will be the one to get a double take.

But it’s not all splendor and grandeur when it comes to metal business cards. Below are a few items you might want to put into consideration when deciding to go the metal business card route:


Obviously having a metal business cards made are more expensive, with the engraving, photo-etching, color gradients, and all the other options you can play around with. As mentioned above, you really don’t need to hand out your special business card to everyone you come across. If you have costs in mind, just save them for clients whom you want to solicit more of an impression from.

Well…that’s really just about it. Cost constraints aside, shifting into metal business cards are full of advantages if you can get passed the financial part of it.

Here are some eye catching samples of Metal Business Cards:





New Media Group




Black Napkin


Broke Bike Alley


Casey Causey




Rob Wolkers


Written by Vincent Sevilla: Vincent Sevilla is a Marketing Consultant for Inktechnologies.com, the most trusted source on the internet for premium discount printer ink cartridges and printer toner cartridges.