Many articles have been written about the importance of color in web design, but this topic is still quite hot. However, we’re not going to tell you about color harmony, color theory or anything like this. Instead, we will take a closer look at the most widely used color – the color blue.

Blue is a calming colour that is associated with terms like peace, truth, honesty, stability, confidence and wisdom. It is often found in nature as it’s the color of the sky, sea and mountains. And what about web design? Why do we see so many blue websites in different niches?

The point is blue goes well with most colors. It’s also a neutral color that can fit any web page (a corporate site, a personal blog, an eCommerce site and so on). There are even some kinds of sites that you can not imagine in other color than blue. For instance, these are the websites that have to do with selling water or high-tech products as well as those related to air transportation, sea voyages, cleaning and medicine. Finally, blue stands for loyalty (more than likely you’ve noticed that a lot of uniforms are blue) so when you want to build trust with people visiting your site, you will hardly find a better color to use.

If you’re thinking about building a new site and you believe that blue is a perfect color for your project, then be sure to follow this link or scroll down to see an interactive infographic. The point is the infographic provides information on the use of blue in web design. There are many shades of blue, including light blue, baby blue, cyan, sky blue, powder blue, dark blue, teal, etc, and the best thing about the infographic shown below is that it provides 55 hexadecimal color codes for every shade of blue you may need.



Written by Helen Bailey: Helen Bailey is a design addict and a Marketing Assistant. For the past five years, she has been working for TemplateMonster. In addition, Helen writes for numerous design blogs and her favorite topics are website templates, web design freebies and inspirational articles.