Have you wanted to find out more about a particular website but there is just not enough information for you? About Us page might just be an ordinary page however its significance should not be overlook.

It is a page that provides information about the company or the people behind the web site, including basic real-world information, such as mailing address, phone number, and fax number, as well as background information on the company and the people in the company. This pattern describes how to organize this information in the About Us pages of your website.

An Example Of Google’s About Us Page

Many websites have a great deal of useful background information that is distinct from the main focus of the website, such as contact information and public relations. You need a way of organizing all of this information.

Google Homepage

Google’s About Us Page

Google’s About Us page targets several customer group, including people interested to learn more about search engines, site owners interested in advertising and improving their ranking in search results and prospective employees.

What Information Should Your About Us Page Contain?

When people encounter you web site for the first time, they have 3 questions in mind:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Why should I trust you?

The About Us pages are one way that a web site can help answer these questions. They are pages that collect assorted background information about a web site, providing information about the people, the organization, and/or the company behind the HTML.

The About Us pages should provide information tailored to customer demographics, interest, and needs. The list that follows identifies some of the things often found on About Us pages, and the discussion following the list elaborates on each of these items.

  1. Organizational Profile
  2. Contact Information
  3. Disclaimers and Legal Information
  4. Customers and Partners
  5. Employment Opportunities
  6. Public Relations
  7. Investor Relations
  8. Community Relations
  9. Site Credits
  10. Frequently Asked Questions

This list is by no means definitive, and you will have to tailor it for your specific web site genre, but it should give you a flavor of what to include.

1. Organizational Profile

The profile describes who you are and what you do. It might include a description of the team behind the web site, a brief history of the company, an overview of products and services, and a mission statement that communicates your up-front value proposition.

Paramoreredd Organizational Profile


However, the profile should be written from a customer-centered perspective. Although you know what your company does, visitors might not. For example, if you’re a law firm, it makes sense to identify the general types of law that you practice. If you’re a consulting firm, it makes sense to list your strengths and specialties.

2. Contact Information

Contact information is something that every business must have, such as a physical mailing address, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses. Having a physical address is more important than it may seem on the surface. It is sometimes difficult to tell if the company behind a web site is a real company or a fly-by-night company. Listing a street address and directions to your company can help allay some of your customers’ fears.

Gummisig Contact Page

Gummisig Contact Page

Phone and fax numbers are important for the same reason. Maybe a customer is having a problem late at night. Maybe a customer’s order is wrong. Maybe someone needs immediate help or just prefers phone and fax over email. For these reasons, it’s crucial to provide numbers that your customers can use.

On the other hand, some people prefer email. Your customers may want to report a Page Not Found error, or require some tech support, or want to compliment you on how cool and usable your web site is.

Again, whatever the reason, make sure you have email addresses to which your customers can send questions and comments.

3. Disclaimers and Legal Information

Many web sites have a link to their Privacy Policy and to their Terms of Use page form their About Us page. Some web sites also list rues about the right way to link the site and provide images that people can use. In addition, some web sites have disclaimers about the content on the web site, as well as fair use policies.

Perfect Bite Disclaimer Legal Info

The Perfect Bite Co

4. Customers and Partners

Listing some of your customers and partners helps establish your credibility. A list of links to past and present customers and partners is like a list of references that other people can check. It can also illustrate that you have been reliable in the past and are likely to be reliable in the future. Be sure to ask for permission from any customers and partners before listing them.

Mailchimp Customers Partners

Mail Chimp

5. Employment Opportunities

This page simply describes the kinds of job openings and internships that your company or organization has available. Large companies often provide very advanced database searches, describing positions, responsibilities, and geographic locations. Smaller companies do not need to be as sophisticated, and they often just list all of the open positions.

Video Egg Hiring Page

Video Egg Job Page

6. Public Relations

The public relations page contains information published by, as well as for, media outlets. Included are such things as

  • Press releases about new products, new partners, changes in management…etc
  • Links to or excerpts of media coverage about the website or company
  • Awards & recognition achieved
  • Contact information for interview

Mint public relations


7. Investor Relations

The investor relations page contains relevant financial literature about the company. Common items included here are annual reports, Securities and Exchange Commission filings, analyst coverage, and positive media coverage.

Barclays Investor Page

Barclays Investor Page

8. Community Relations

The community relations page describes how the company gives back to the local community, including past charitable events, as well as what the company can provide for future events, such as software, hardware, services, time, people, or money. It is also useful to explain how people can contact your company to request help.

Prudential Community Relations


9. Site Credits

The site credits page gives credit to the web teams that helped develop the web site. Such a page is often useful for web design firms because it gives them a little bit of free advertising.

Media140 Sponsor

Media 140 Sponsor Page

10. Frequently Asked Questions

Some web sites collect questions that customers often ask and create a Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, page that answers them.

Twitter FAQ

Twitter FAQ

12 Captivating About Us Showcases

These 12 websites show different features of what an About Us page can have. It varies from site to site.


Teehan+Lax About Page

The first impression of Teehan+Lax’s About Us page is upfront warm and welcoming. They have indicated their rates, which not most sites would have done.

Adidas U.S Site

Adidas About Us

Adidas U.S About Us page uses an interactive approach for users to understand about the history of its brand. It also includes their corporate information such as careers and press on the right side of the page.

Crafts Council

Crafts Council About Us

Crafts Council’s About Us page provides comprehensive information about their organization.

Ala Dadan

Ala Dadan About Page

Ala Dadan is a clean and simple example of a freelancer’s About Us page.


Rainfall About Page

For small creative studios like Rainfall, it’s About Us page gives users a sense of trust worthiness because of the testimonials.

Fantesca Estate and Winery

Fontesca Winery About Page

Fantesca Winery’s has a list of sub-links under the About Us page. It includes their blog, right up to the history of wines.


Duoh Home Page

By including awards, achievements and interviews in Duoh’s About Us page, they will help build trust and increase credibility of their site with their clients and visitors.

Thomas Prior

Thomas Prior About Page

Having his skill set rated, explaining his approach towards his job, and elaborating more about his interest has made Thomas Prior’s About Us page personal and credible.

Lyndsey Hamilton

Lynsey About Us

Lyndsey Hamilton Events Company About Us page is split into 2 links – ‘Who’ and ‘What’. They have introduced the people in the company, mission and philosophy and most importantly the packages they offer, which caters to the audience they are targeting at.

84 Colors

84 Colors About Page

The About page for 84 Colors has everything you need to know about the person behind the website. Something interesting about 84 Colors, is that Cristiana has added a list of things she can’t do for her clients.


Barclays About Us

Barclays, a well know international bank, has a very comprehensive About Us page. For those who are working on corporate websites, you may want to refer to this About page.


Graze About Page

Graze has a list of links under the About page. It ranges from Press and Job vacancies to step-by-step information on how to purchase your graze box.


When working on About Us pages, start by collecting background information. These pages should help people learn more about who you are, what you do, and why they can trust you. Include things like an organizational profile, contact information, disclaimers and legal information, customers and partners, employment opportunities, public relations, investor relations, community relations, site credits, and frequently asked questions.

Although the specific content for the About Us pages will vary from site to site, these pages should always be easily accessible from the homepage portal and form the very essence of your website.

Original Post by Charlotte