Google is at the top of the food chain and they’re doing it in style. Not to leave out, of course, functionality. I guess when you’re the biggest search engine in the entire world, it’s only fair that you give it back to the users.

The Google user interface have slowly, but consistently changed throughout time. And somehow most of us don’t even realize how much it has improved over the years.

The latest user interface is, in my opinion, one of their most effective yet. Of course, there are people who might be opposed to this, but it would be modest to think that Google would have tested the interface before they went ahead and implemented it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were functionality and statistical tests and rigorous hours of comparing data.


The Google Search page is of utmost importance. With the links to the different types of searches (web, image, map, etc.) located at the top and at the bottom areas, written in small fonts, it creates direction to the eye to focus on the logo and the colors of the Google Doodle. Perfect branding pitch, that is why we all know how Google looks like or why we have the term “Googling” from “Google it”. This is all because the initial layout of the search engine is designed to focus on the logo, The Google logo sits at the center proclaiming itself in a large colorful font with the search bar right below it, leading the user to associate “Google” to the bar and by extension, the act of searching itself.

If you compare the much older 1997 interface, it isn’t hard to see how similar they are albeit, of different look and feel. The older version had a chunkier more rugged look compared to the present day clean and crisp feel. Although the layout on the landing page hasn’t changed a lot, this benefits the overall objective of the whole Google brand, less drastic changes means more people can associate longer to it, and therefore more retention.


Even the newer addition, Google+ has made it to the top area where the links are, a nifty addition to the overall functionality. The newest addition to the links on that part is the Play link, where you get access to android games that you can play directly on the Google browser. These are just two of the links located on the upper pane of the page, there are even more on the bottom pane.

The search page opens in three columns, the first column being links to the different Google Search platforms, the second column being the search results view and an expanding third column, showing preview of the page on the links located on the second column.

This kind of layout, as seen in other search engines, allows the user to dig deeper resulting to a more extensive search. The expanding columns also make it more convenient for the user for obvious reasons. The overall look and feel of the Google brand is very imminent on the design aesthetics included on the search engine. Simplicity, functionality, and substance, so far, that’s what the Google Search Engine brings to the table.