If you were to ask someone to tell you how graphic design impacts them on a regular basis, most individuals won’t even have an answer for you. In fact, you might not even know the effect it can have the world either. However, there really is a lot to uncover here. What exactly is the impact of graphic design on our everyday lives? Read on to find out šŸ™‚

Television Commercials

As you are watching your favorite television show, a lot of advertisements probably pop up during those little commercial breaks. Whenever you see something snappy, catchy or clever, know that a graphic designer was behind that pretty picture print. Someone spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to draw in your attention through the use of a particular image, object or logo. 


Paper Advertisements

Even if you don’t notice it, you see tons of advertisements every day. When you pick up a soda bottle and the bottle notes how refreshing or thirst-quenching it is, you are seeing an advertisement. These types of advertisements, as well as all ads out there, are designed with you and other members of the target audience in mind. One person, or even a team of individuals, sat around trying to decide what it would be that captures your attention, makes you grab the product and makes you continue to buy the product in the future. 


Internet Ads/Pop-ups

In today’s world, graphic design has a huge presence on the Internet. In fact, many college students who are studying graphic design will have to learn how to make designs for the Internet before any other medium. Without this important skill, it is unlikely that they will be able to keep up with the market. As you are scrolling down a webpage and an advertisement jumps out at you, know that this particular graphic design was, once again, created with you in mind. Essentially, graphic designers are trying to figure out what interests you (and when I say you, I mean you – not the general you – the ads you see on the likes of Facebook and Google are hand-picked for you, based on your activity), and they want to make sure that you go to purchase the product time and time again. 

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Understanding Marketing

Now, some of the other ways that graphic design comes into our lives are much more subtle. If you have any friends or family members who are studying the discipline, then you might hear them talk about the various ways in which the field impacts their lives and the designs that they are creating for particular purposes. Being privy to these conversations means that you are learning even more about the fabulous world of marketing. Keep in mind that, in fact, marketing and graphic design have a lot to offer to the world. It’s not all about profit margins. NGOs have to come up with marketing plans to get individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa to take HIV medications. Non-profits in the US try to appeal to youth to keep them in school. Marketing with design strategies is a unique blend of business savvy, art, psychology, sociology and communications that can bring wealth to many and benefit the world in profound ways.

Written by Ryder Guerrero: Ryder Guerrero writes about his career in web design and marketing. His recent work is on how to become a marketing  coordinator.