As a web professional you know that time is the one thing you never have enough of. With the apps and websites below you will save time and energy communicating your ideas and creating the products and tools you need to make more income online. That should be incentive enough for you to click on at least a couple (if not all of them) and check out what they have to offer.


Mighty Deals – A Deal website that actually has stuff you can use.

Have you ever noticed that ‘deal’ websites usually have deals on, well, junk? I mean, occasionally you might find something good but for the most part its stuff you just don’t use. Mighty Deals is different in 1 way; the majority of the items they sell are actually useful to us web professionals. Vector graphics, theme packages and other, useful, tools are there every day, and they change it up frequently too. That’s why they’re the top deal site for me.

Best Feature – Their ‘Deal of the Day’. 1 super deal every day.


tn3Gallery – WordPress photo editing made simple.

WordPress is one of the best blogging websites in the world. With tn3Gallery you now have a tool to make it even better. Use this excellent plug-in to make your pics and videos look great with slide-shows, transitions and a bunch of other cool stuff that will make your blog really stand out from the rest. It really is easy and the results look professional. For an amateur photog like me it’s a dream.

Best Feature – No need for external tools as they’re all built right in.


Code Year – An online code writing course.

I actually don’t see the need to learn code from where I sit but, if you’re a web programmer or want to be someday, then Code Year is the course to take. It’s an introductory track for anyone who wants to learn how to program and starts with the basics, teaching concepts in a practical context. From JavaScript to HTML and CSS they will teach you about code and how web technologies can be combined with JavaScript to build interactive websites.

Best Feature – It’s all online, so you can learn code anywhere.


My Permissions Cleaner – Protect yourself by protecting your permissions online.

If you knew how many apps and websites have permissions to use and distribute your personal info you’d probably be scared to death. The average is almost 20!! My Permissions Cleaner helps you to keep track, clean up and, when necessary, deny those permissions as you see fit. If you’re worried about where your personal info is going, and you should, check out this app.

Best Feature – It gives you access to a lot of info you might not even have known about.


unbounce – Landing pages the easy way.

Landing pages are the ‘money-magnets’ of the internet. If you’re an internet marketer you probably have many. They’re not extremely hard to create if you’re experienced, but if you’re just starting you will like (and need) the help that this site gives. Easy set-up, easy tracking of your landing pages, and a host of other tools to help you make them and, in the end, help you make more money.

Best Feature – When you sign up you get 1 free landing page.


App Cooker – A powerful app building resource.

OK, I don’t find too many new websites or apps that make me say this but ‘wow’. This one looks amazing. App Cooker looks to be the next level in app creating, letting pros as well as amateurs create apps for the iPhone and iPad. I checked it out and it looks powerful. I will be buying this platform myself, which says a lot. If you ever had an inclination to make your own iPhone or iPad app, now is the time and App Cooker is the place.

Best Feature – Right now it’s priced very low so get in while you can.


Balsamiq – Communicate your ideas quickly and simply.

Balsamiq is a wireframe app that helps you to produce mock-ups of your ideas quickly, like using a whiteboard, and get them to your people and your customers to hash out your ideas and get those ideas to the production phase quicker. It looks easy enough, but honestly I’m not sure if this is better than a whiteboard except for the ability to send it over your smart phone. Then again, I work alone so I’m not an expert on this particular subject.

Best Feature – The wireframes look like mock-ups and are easy to share.

Written by Raul Dumitrescu