An amazingly designed logo is quite powerful when it comes to marketing. It forms the face of the company to the world and creates the first impression. To design a logo it needs more than just creative graphic design and the following tips can help you to do so:

Target audience

New age trendy designs and cutting edge graphics work great but if your target audience is old then you might have to reconsider. The text can be difficult to perceive or the logo innuendo might be difficult to read. If you have a younger target audience the cutting edge graphics might be just the thing. Understand that you don’t have to cater to people who love art but the average crowd you are targeting.

Branding ability

A logo is the company’s face and that is why should be able to transfer on anything – be it trucks, packaging, web ads, etc. A highly effective logo can be easily recognized on the basis of its color and in black and white regardless of its size. It should work well as a Twitter avatar and at the same time as a highway billboard. If your logo heavily relies on fine print it may create a problem. Try to think of formats that can connect with customers.

Color is Important

One of the most essential parts of logo design is the colors selected for it. Color impacts the mind and has meanings and to a level communicates ideas. There are some specific color palette that work with logo that has to be printed. Every color implies differently and can add message to the logo but beware of falling into the trap of conveying wrong message due to use of a dash of brush stroke.


Logo should have versatility so that it can be transferred to all the areas required. This is also in relation with the vector design but has a deeper emphasis. If logo is not sizeable then there is no use for it at all. Also it is important that even if not the whole logo but a part of it can be placed anywhere needed so that potential clients can recognize your business is enough.

Don’t use readymade images

Don’t use clip art, photos from the Internet or images and shapes that are readymade- especially the ones that are copyrighted and trademarked already. Firstly it is difficult to generate an identity using a design that already has its own identity of its own. Secondly it shows that your logo is amateurish and copied. Get a good drawing artist and graphic designer to create something original and strikingly appealing.

Appealing Typography

Typography is quite important while designing a good logo. You can choose from two options: either you can get it to a tailor made custom typeface or use some existing one to collaborate in your design. While creating a custom typeface you should make sure that the font you use is simple and not too jazzy or flashy as such designs get out of date very quickly. If the words used are simple then a good creative font can be used as people will be recognize them but if there are some unusual words then the typeface should be kept in such a way that its simple and readable.

Keep it multi-media compatible

Once you have finalized the logo and received approval for using it for the product or company’s official branding, create multiple files and versions that will work well with various medias and platforms it will be used on. Keep high resolution files that can be used for any requirement. Have versions with full color and also black and white materials. Also ensure that the colors remain same and the logo is still recognizable in color or in black and white.

Create the Logo in Vector

The logo for any brand is created keeping in mind its usability on various items such as advertisements, t-shirts, packaging, products, etc. Many designers end up making the mistake of designing the logo as a raster image which will give resizing problems. The best way to resize logos is to design them in vector using Adobe Illustrator or similar. Vector based graphics can be easily scaled and rescaled without any loss of quality. So design the logos in vector format to avoid any hassle in the future.

Create a unique logo

Don’t try to imitate or rip another’s logo while creating a new one for yourself. A logo is representation of your entire brand in one image. You don’t want the customers to think otherwise – that your logo is a rip-off some other brand when they see it. Concentrate on creating a logo that the customers can associate your brand with without any other brand coming to their mind. Keep a unique logo which will be remembered by them due to its visually interesting design which isn’t seen anywhere else.

Avoid being too trendy

Having a fresh and modern looking logo is great but avoid being too trendy. It is possible that trends of today might just be not trendy tomorrow. You don’t want a logo that looks out of date in matter of months or years. Have a logo that will be timeless for generations to come.

Take care while designing the logo and put enough time to create it as it’s the most essential element of your company that will be seen by anyone. They form an opinion about your business based on it. Your logo forms an inseparable part of your branding and that’s why you need to consider how the elements and colors from your logo can be a used for overall branding too.

Written by Ramya Raju: I am Ramya Raju a freelance web design writer with 8 yrs of extensive blogging experience on a variety of online publishing and social-media platforms. I’m also an extrovert with a passion for photography, anthropology and travelling to different countries to learn the culture and living of the local inhabitants.

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