Coding is an important task and the coding software tools play a vital role in the code development process. With many such tools available in the market today, it becomes easy for all the code designers to come up with an efficient coding. However not every tool is designed to be so perfect and easy to use. Only few are doing well. You have so many examples for bad software. Dreamweaver is one of the greatest examples for a bad coding software tool. You will be irritated to work with it. It will take too much of time and efforts from you to work on it. Therefore, you have to be very cautious when selecting good coding software.

Good software will let you create and edit your code easily, help you with typo errors, offer you effective tips on coding etc. Therefore, here we are going to see the top 10 coding editor software that will be of greatest use to every code designer.

1. SlickEdit


It is a multi-language code editor. Creating and debugging your code is so fast and easy with this editor. You can edit your files of size up to 2 GB with SlickEdit. Many different features that include different files and directories, check in and check out from version control, analysing and displaying symbol details etc. are part of this editor.

2. Aptana studio


It is a perfect open source web development environment. This editor is supporting many different features. Some of the features include Ajax and JavaScript libraries, desktop Ajax, ruby on rails, python and PHP etc. The editor is much faster and customizations are possible too. Do visit the website using the following link.

3. Notepad++


It is a perfect replacement for notepad. It is a free source code editor. It runs in MS-Windows environment. It includes several beneficial features. Some are syntax highlighting and folding, multi document, multi view, drag and drop support, zoom in and out, placing bookmarks etc.

4. EmEditor


It is a lightweight text editor for windows. It is easy to use, lightweight, but yet extendable. This editor supports all powerful macros and large files.This editor has passed the Windows 8 certification test. Many awards have been awarded to this editor for its ease and efficiency of use.



It is another web development environment. Unlike the other editors, SCREEM does not offer you WYSIWYG display of pages. Instead, it offers you the direct HTML source code in the editor window. SCREEM also offers XML editing package. You can use it for structured data editing environment.

6. PSPad


It is a free text editor. If you have to work with plain text, then it will be very useful for you. Even for web page designer, PSPad offers many different tools. It also serves as a good compiler. PSPad is easy to install and work with. The editor supports different file types and major languages.

7. HTML-Kit


It is a basic HTML editor. You can edit, format, validate, preview and finally publish your web pages through this HTML editor. Preview feature helps you to catch errors and save time with that. Highlighting texts, advanced search options, keeping different projects open at the same time etc. are some of the extraordinary features of this editor.

8. Crimson Editor


It is a professional editor for windows. It is small in size, but very fast in the loading time. It is a good alternative for notepad. It supports syntax highlighting. Different user tools, undo/redo features, macros, spell checker etc. are some features of this editor.

9. BBEdit


It is professional editor software for Macintosh. It is an award-winning editor and it provides many unique features for helping the software developers and web designers. Search and replace across different files, project definition tools, syntax highlighting, code folding, FTP and SFTP open and save, HTML mark-up tools are some examples for the different features of this editor.

10.Taco HTML edit


It is editor software for Macintosh. It includes tag wizards to generate HTML mark-ups. Some of the best features include spell checker, PHP preview, syntax checks, live browser preview, error checks, code folding, code clipping etc.

janiceThis guest post is by Janice Noel. Janice is a software developer currently associated with Softeq Software Company.