One of the most trending fonts in the market are the hand drawn ones. They add an edge to the content by being explicitly different from the other fonts available in the market. They are extremely useful for a writer since, they can be custom made to suit your own handwriting which gives an authentic touch to the content. The ability to customize the content font sets the handwriting fonts apart from the others available in the market. The fonts available in MS Word and other Window platforms induce a monotonous approach to the content, whereas hand-drawn fonts appeal to most of the readers.

There are some users who are obsessed with their hand-writing but cannot simply endorse their own hand-writing in the content must make use of hand drawn fonts. In the customization phase, the user can submit a copy of his writing and it could be utilized by the software to induce the same hand-drawn font in the database using which the person can write online content in own hand-writing. Using Hand-drawn fonts will make web designing a fulfilling venture. Hand drawn fonts also provide a minimalist approach to web designing.

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The rapid demand of hand drawn fonts has triggered the industry to produce some of the best fonts. Here are the top 20 best hand drawn fonts that have established an authority in the industry:

1. Cutelove


2. Scribble Box


3. Hand Lettering


4. Tribal


5. Superwoman


6. Lemonade


7. Candy Inc


8. Angel Tears


9. Diamondspearls


10. The Dreamer


11. Xiomara


12. Montez


13. Amatic


14. Monoton


15. Hanalei


16. Archistico


17. Gazoline


18. Pulphill


19. Kancell


20. Hetilica


21. Daniel


22. Cabinsketch


23. Dj Gross

DJ Gross


In order to get out of the ordinary writing covers, the designer must try the hand drawn fonts. They provide a snazzy, yet simple look to the content and the growing popularity of such fonts have made them hot trend in the market. Since, they can be customized according to the requirement of user, it is a handy tool when it comes to jotting down content in own hand-writing. The hand drawn fonts mentioned above in the post form an important part of the writing industry currently and the up rise of such fonts will give way to development of more incredible fonts in the near future.

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