Software development is a collection of software programs which when used effectively creates endless possibilities of data processing and management. Every year the government spends thousands of dollars on software development projects. The success of an effective software development project depends on excellent software engineering and management skills. To avoid failure, engineers must get equipped with proven methods of processing.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 effective notions in software development for engineers:

Cloud Computing


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Cloud computing comes in handy especially in delivering large-scale web applications. Cloud computing runs on the notion that applications can be run whenever required and to modify what is available based on user activity.

Cloud computing has gained widespread accepted as it lets the data centers to act like the internet by letting virtual resources be shared in a secure manner . Due to lack of time and finances, small and medium sized businesses can take advantage of the pay-as-you-go subscription service to build an affordable infrastructure of softwares and storages with cloud computing.



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Security is an extensive concept that includes authentication, authorization and communication of information. Authentication is done over SSL (secure socket layer) over HTTP. Authentication is done to verify users. Verified users are then permitted access and that is called Authorization. This is how the recently developed OAuth software works. It is an open protocol that allows secure authorization for mobile, web and computer applications. Then arrives the need for network protection. This is essential for OS to protect it from hackers. Software engineers must make sure to understand the potential issues involved in writing a security code.



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A concept like the interface is vital to any software developer. Developers must follow a step-by-step procedure to tackle this concept. The three rules of a good interface development are – plan, modify and update. Interactive interfaces can be uni or bi-directional for both hardwares and softwares. Interface programming helps to cut the dependence on implementation specifics and makes coding more meaningful. It gives the flexibility to developers to even swap objects with one another during implementations, within the same interface.



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Layering is nothing but an organization of functionality. Herein, the application-specific is located in the upper layers, functionality lies in the middle layers while deployment specific functionality is found at the lowest layer.

Each of these small blocks is reusable. The blocks formulate a pyramid structure and they are independent of each other. The first layer enables user interaction using a graphical interface, the second layer or the application software is often purchased and run as independent programs from the OS and the third layer caters directly to user’s needs in the form of spreadsheets or word-processor templates.

Relational Databases


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Using a query language, SQL, relational databases provide a way to look for data. The information is in the form of a record which is represented by a table each with its unique key. The database helps correlate the tables thus reducing information redundancy and helps to rapidly rescue the desired data. Relational databases are used for collecting data to maintain finance records, personnel records and much more. They have overtaken the use of hierarchical and network databases as they are simple to use and comprehend.

To Conclude

The future of software development lies in the ability to use the tools available in the best of the ways possible. Users demand a more performance driven architecture. Software engineers must lay more focus on eliminating errors and to efficiently solve latency problems. In other words, modern software is all about shaping reality into a simplified, controlled, and manageable manner.

Written by Helen Thomas: Helen Thomas works for PLAVEB, a leading software development company located in Los Angeles. She likes scuba- diving with her friends. She also enjoys reading novels in her spare time. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.