If you are on the lookout for resources that are easily comprehensible and want your clients to learn about the functionality HTML5 web technology in an interesting way, then these variety of info graphics are precisely what you need! HTML5 is creating huge waves and is causing a metamorphosis in the web and mobile world. So educate your clients with these top7 info graphics that will give you all the facts and figures without the techie jargon.

1. HTML – Past, Present and Future

This HTML infographic is an ingenious presentation of HTML5 from the year it was conceptualized till date. It gives a brief overview of the use of HTML5 in various mobile and web applications along with useful information regarding HTML5-enabled mobile web browsers and so on.

2. WTF is HTML5?

Don’t go by the title of this HTML5 infographic as it seriously educates the reader in a very simple manner without complicating facts and technical details. This can most certainly prove to be a successful reference tool that can be used by your clients quite effortlessly.

3. History of HTML5

This infographic is a visual treat with its simple illustrations and equally easy-to-comprehend educational material. This infographic starts from the initial days of HTML5 way back in 2004 when the iconic WHATWG group was formed.

4. HTML5: Why Developers Need It

If your clients are more into compelling statistics that are convincing enough to switch to HTML5, then this infographic is the one you should opt for. Apart from a variety of graphs and pie charts, the infographic also highlights the features and future scope of HTML5 in a very readable manner.

5. HTML5: I’ve Seen the Future – It’s in My Browser

This infographic states it all with its diagram that shows what browsers support HTML5. One look at the infographic and instantly all the information can be understood quite easily. It basically aims to state at 34% of the websites support HTML5.

6. Taking HTML to the Next Level for Mobile

One glance at this infographic and the reader can easily understand the growing popularity of HTML5 with 2013 projections. that depict the popularity of HTML5 in mobile web browsers.

7. The Wonderful World of HTML5

This infographic conveys to the reader about the monopoly of HTML in the world of mobile devices with a projection that shows more than 2.1 billion mobile phones having HTML5 enables browsers by the year 2016.

Go through these seven amazingly descriptive HTML5 info graphics and decide which to use as an educational tool for your client.

poopoo__37_Written by Alia Haley: Alia Haley is a freelance content writer and a blogger with over 2 years experience. She consults at Devrover.com and can be found designing web apps prototypes.