Many a times the real power of typography has been underestimated and overlooked. Many web designers fail to realize that communication is the basis of everything and typography is nothing but the realistic art of presenting the text either 9(in calligraphy or in websites. This art initially begun with letterforms that were handwritten. Mostly letters are used as a part of designs and are considered as an efficacious means of communication. Typography is a powerful means that makes use of letters and the white space efficiently to present a complete design. It can connect a mighty network of people through typefaces for which it can never be denied that typography has a firm foot in today’s world of digital advancement. How can typography take your web design to next level? Let us explore:

Powerful visual identity:

An effective typography gives a new dimension to your website and your loyal customers can identify your site with the style used in it. It gives a powerful visual identity to your website without any flaws. The way of presenting the inscription and white space can attract new visitors to your site everyday and has the potential to increase the rate of conversion. This is the secret behind many influential websites in the world.

Minimum typefaces:

Typography makes use of minimum typefaces. Typefaces can be defined as font families. For example Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Arial Rounded MT Bold and Arial Unicode MS are typefaces and fonts are nothing but a single style within the family like Arial Narrow. Generally typography conveys a verbal as well as a non-verbal message to your ultimate users through the specific typeface it uses. Minimal usage of typefaces avoids confusion and looks appealing to the user as all the members of a particular font family have the same style in it.

Better readability:

Typescript or lettering is generally used to enhance better readability. There is no use in using modish or fancy fonts at the cost of the user’s trouble-free reading experience. Many websites convey highly important messages and instruct the readers to follow certain steps for improvement. Highly readable and simpler fonts can do this perfectly and it can increase the reading capacity of its users. For example there are many health related websites that talk about many health problems and the steps to follow to overcome them. It can be appealing and pacifying to the reader only if the fonts are readable.


An excellent visual hierarchy can be created using typography and it depends on the use of typeface, color, size, style, alignment and spacing features. A well-built hierarchy helps the users identify the most important message and the least significant ones. Users generally extract the necessary information quickly only with the rational flow of information. Highly imperative message can be distinguished using an impressive color or more weight and vice versa.

Simple and clean layout:

Even with typography, simplicity is the key to win hearts. A simple and a clean arrangement of information are vital for any website. You should know the order of priority and arrange your content in such a way. For example many use the F-Layout pattern for their web pages as they say that users generally have the habit of acquiring the message that are stated in the first few lines and this interest reduces gradually as they go down. Use simple fonts that suit the size of your layouts.

Every piece of information with regards to typography sounds remarkable and undoubtedly it will take your web design to the next higher level.