Have you ever noticed, what impresses a web visitor to browse through your whole website? Are you thinking about images, web design, and color combination? No not really, though they all are important to make a website successful, but this post talks about something different, something which you might have not noticed yet, and something which may trigger users go to another website rather than sticking to yours for more information. What happened? Are you confused? Don’t get confused, as this post will unveil the most crucial thing for a website to catch visitor’s attention.

The most important thing which plays a crucial role in making a website successful is Web Typography. Your web typography can make or break the visitors’ concentration, and force them to move on to another website, which manages to present its content more beautiful than yours. Therefore, if you think that your website lack in its typography, then you must do something about it, or else you’ll keep on losing your probable readers (if it is a blog), clients or consumers (if it is a business or fun related website).

Now let us talk about how you can make your web typography better than your competitors and give them a tough competition.

Select Your Web Font

Each and every font is special in its own way, as it differs in personality, looks, and manages to attract some and distract some. Therefore, make sure that the font you want to use on your website is an appropriate one, which appeals to all of your web visitors. To make the selection process easier for yourself, choose fonts which suits your profession or your website’s theme. For example; if you are running a financial website, then your font must look more professional rather than stylish. In addition to this, you can also opt for free or paid web font services to get the best font for your website.

Should be Readable

Whenever you select a font to use on your website, make sure that it is readable without zooming in. This is because, many web users (especially elderly) aren’t even aware about how to enlarge a page to read the content. Therefore, do not forget to consider your target audience while choosing the font and its size. In fact you can easily use large font size in the body of your content and for headlines. In addition to this, the average font size in the body of the content should be somewhere between 12 to 16 pixels.

Text Leading & Length

Text leading is also known as line spacing, which refers to the height between each and every line of the text or paragraph. Proper text leading ensures that the text on your website is clean and clear, which can be read pretty easily. You should neither use excessive text leading nor very less; in fact, always use text leading from 2 to 5 points maximum.

Additionally, use short sentences to keep your content’s line length short, as long length can frustrate while reading, and sometimes a user can also lose his concentration because of this. To entice the user more to read the entire content, use 12 to 15 words per line or 52 to 78 characters excluding spaces.

Color and contrast

Ensure that the text is different from the background color, and has enough contrast to make it easier for the visitors to read. For example; if your website’s background is black in color, then try to use light colors and vice versa. Moreover, keep the background textures in your mind as well.

If you are going to use all these tips while setting up your web typography, your website will never get fail to attract more readers.

Written by Mr. Deepak Gupta: Mr. Deepak Gupta is a successful online blogger and an expert web designer. He has been associated with reputed SEO Company Delhi.