A few months ago, a local healthcare company rebranded their business. They customized a fleet of Priuses with vehicle wraps to advertise their visiting nurse program. The idea is fantastic, every time I see a Prius, I think of their company, even if it’s not one of their cars. I also think of the steps they’ve taken to support the environment, which makes me trust them that much more, impressive considering I am not their target demographic. With aging parents, however, utilizing home healthcare is a distinct possibility in the future. Now I have a better idea of who to contact should that need ever arise.

Vehicle wraps seem to be the way to go when advertising.

Your message travels all over town or across state lines and borders if you’re traveling, whether you’re an independent contractor, a corporate entity, or a specialized organization, such as a community center that distributes food and household goods to low-income residents. Advertising can be as simple as your name and phone number on the side of your driver’s side door or, as in the case of the visiting nurse program, a message that covers the entire car. I like the ‘enveloped’ idea, whenever I see one of the Priuses in traffic I try to read all the information before the traffic light changes. I have yet to succeed!


I believe I’m so interested in the company’s advertising method because it is a novel approach. I can’t say I would pay as much attention to a healthcare commercial on television or the radio. It seems that treating seniors as feeble and helpless has become the modus operandi for many companies.

The healthcare company’s logo-wrapped car thankfully supersedes that approach. Something about the Prius suggests a hip, young message, as though you can hear the driver saying, “Need healthcare? We’ll be right there!” and zipping the hybrid through rush hour traffic to provide service. The medical profession is a good place to launch a superhero scenario, quick as a flash we’ve arrived to assist you with your healthcare needs.

Best of all, now that our car is parked, someone can finish reading the message we so carefully wrapped around our vehicles.