A business card is the first contact many people will have with you and your company, and you only get one chance at making a good first impression. When you hand your card to someone have you ever stopped to consider what it says about you? Here are six important things to think about for your business card design.

1. Use Heavy Cardstock

Using a thicker, quality cardstock leaves the impression of professionalism. A lightweight paper gives the feel of a homemade print job. The little extra that quality paper will cost is well worth the investment.

2. Originality

clip_image002Your business card is a glimpse into the type of business you run, and should reflect the personality and culture within your business. It is a chance to show your creativity and leave a memorable impression. Within a stack of business cards you want yours to be the one people will remember.

3. Print In Color

Printing on white cardstock with black ink was acceptable years ago, but with higher quality printing being so accessible there is no reason to use boring black and white. Color draws people in and gives your card more visual interest. It is also another opportunity to show off your business by using the colors from your company’s logo.

4. Print Double Sided

Most printing companies offer double sided printing and it is well worth the extra money. Your logo or tagline can be printed on one side and your contact information on the other. By using both sides you increase the visibility of your brand and your company information can be seen no matter which way the card is held.

5. Font Style

The font you choose to represent your business is more important than you might think. Fonts show style and speak volumes towards a great first impression. The fonts chosen are also the most overlooked aspect of business card design. Choose a font that fits the style and culture of your company while also being easily readable.

6. Relevant Information

clip_image004These days, people expect to find a web address, email, social network information, and sometimes even a cell phone number on your business card. Leaving out this type of information gives the impression that you are not as current and relevant as your competitors.

While the look and feel of your business card is important, bottom line is, it has to be clear and easy to read. If you get too creative with style and design people reading it will have a hard time finding vital contact information. The most important reason for having a business card is so that people can get in touch with you. If your business card is confusing to read or missing important information it will do you no good.

Written by Jessica: Jessica Hansen is a representative of  UV Cards, a leader in the business cards and printing industry. Click here to create your business cards online.