The strategy of selling products via Facebook page is heightening day-by-day and it is inevitable for most businesses. There is nothing wrong with the idea as it gives the businesses a potential opportunity to tap the database of 5 million customers worldwide on a social platform. The idea of social shopping via internet triggers the sales of most business; in fact takes it beyond imagination on most occasions. It is the social nature of the Facebook that benefits the businesses as exposing different products and services in front of 5 million visitors increases the ROI enormously. Allowing the users to browse lots of products through the Facebook page inspires a lot of customers which in turn reflects on your sales and business. So, establish a storefront on Facebook using the best apps available in the market to get the best out of your business.

Find the best app for integrating your store online

Find the best app for integrating your store online

On planning to set up a Facebook app store, educate yourself with a few reliable extensions available for integrating the online website with Facebook. Here, I have listed out a few popular extensions that work well on integrating Facebook page with ecommerce sites; they are Payvment, Voiyk, InfusedCommerce, Magento Facebook Apps, and ShopTab. Using any of the above extension you can easily set up your online store on Facebook page. Ensure that right app is identified in the process of doing so as you may expect problems while setting up, integrating, and working on cross-browsers. Go for reputed shops offering these extensions; the support and services offered by the company should be spot on as they play a crucial role in crunch times.

Online stores using Facebook app


Find the best and easiest app to set up and install in your website. The Facebook app installed in your website acts as an interface between the Facebook page and website. It won’t take a lot of time in fact. It just takes 3 easy steps to showcase your products on the Facebook page appreciably. The first step will be using the tool to set up a store in the Facebook page and creating customer profiles; second step is creating merchant profiles elegantly; and the third step is promoting the products using the Facebook page. Once displayed, all your products will be added to the wall of the Facebook page making it easy for the visitors to browse the multiple products showcased.

Draw customers

Draw customers

The more your business draws customers the more your business benefits! So, try out different marketing techniques and innovative strategies to bring in more customers. However, make sure all your products are of supreme quality and an incomprehensible customer support offered to the customers for any product-related queries. These two factors drive your business crazily and help it develop outstandingly. The “like and Recommend” buttons on Facebook page automatically created by the app will play a great role in covering a wide range of fan base. The “like” and “Recommend” earned for each product increases its popularity and makes it viral. If your products are of sheer quality, obviously you’ll achieve more success and benefits in a short period of time.

Business improvement


Setting up a store in the Facebook page merely is never going to solve all your business woes. The ideal way would be to follow up the trend, likes and dislikes of people and so on. Keep tracking the analytics of your business and change your strategy accordingly to experience hefty benefits. Use Google analytics and analyze the product performance to make it work better; add more varieties to the business by implementing forward-thinking ideas like offering freebies, discounts, and coupons for improving sales. Monitor the change in the sales after the implementation of your idea using the analytics. It would help you a great deal in attacking the customers and selling your products.


Customer follow-up

Remember, following your customers that abandon the shopping carts would be an added advantage. Though you have a shopping cart on the Facebook page, if your shopping cart is poorly designed, obviously you’ll lose customers. Most often, the customers have the habit of placing orders and giving up before payment due to various reasons. So, stay engaged with the customers via mails and notifications. Often update the releases of new products, upgrades to draw the attention of the customers toward your store. Customers love to hear what exactly is happening in the market and what your latest products are! On providing them with your latest product details and features, you could earn more customers with ease which eventually leads to branding your products and business. Pay attention to the customers, realize what they want, and provide them with the same to expand your online business as well as customer base.


Customers are the kings of any business; so, understanding their needs and delivering high-quality services are the best marketing strategies other than choosing a medium to expand business. Though medium plays a huge role in the business improvement, it is the care for your customers and allowing them enjoy a blissful shopping experience while visiting your store that helps your business grow. Connecting with them, hearing to them and providing quick and valuable solutions to their problems assist you in emerging as a successful online business in the market place.

Written by Krish Kash: he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in m commerce and mobile app development.