Visual presentation will be understood better and faster by audience and it will remain in memory longer. Advantages of visual presentation like infographics for increasing sales are briefly given below.

People are suffering from too much of information. Long wordy reports are not at all interesting. The solution lies in data visualization or infographics. People remember only 20% of what they read. 83% of learning occurs visually. It is easier to absorb images. Images are more appealing and they are remembered longer. Color, contrast, rhythm and shapes make complex data in graphics easily understood and remembered much longer. This is the reason why people remember TV ads.

Intelligently made infographics attract attention of customers, arouse interest, appeal to curiosity, and persuade to absorb data.

Infographics get shared. Intelligently made inphographics get shared on websites, blogs and social media. Print versions get shared in newspapers and magazines. This is very helpful in expanding valuable brand awareness and boosting search engine optimization.

The above aspects of infographics are very helpful for boosting sales through cleverly prepared colorful visual presentation. This is reported to be considerably cheaper than advertising through TV and other media.

why we should convert our data in graphics

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