Today’s world is one where anyone with a computer and an internet can potentially reach millions of people online for free using site creation services like Webs, WordPress and Blogger. These services provide free templates, hosting, and tools to build content. Why, then, should a business bother to pay for customized solutions?

Putting up a website has gotten substantially easier over the years, but, along with that, people’s expectations and standards for a website have gotten higher and higher. Visitors expect more and more from a website, and competition between businesses means that those expectations will get higher and higher.

Your business’ website needs to make it clear to visitors that your business will be able to able to fulfill some purpose to its client. Not only that, but it can fulfill that purpose better than its competitors. Every aspect of the website has to convey this. The brand of the business needs to be expressed in the website, of course, too.

The design must be eye-catching and memorable, while at the same time being professional and easy to navigate. It needs to represent with the business’ brand, and it has to be easy to distinguish from other sites, especially competitors’. Making a design like that on your own is tough, which is why templates have become so popular. The biggest advantage in templates is that they’re free and anyone can use them, but that is also their biggest problem. Anyone can use them. If you use a template, there’s a pretty good chance that, somewhere in the jungle we call the internet, someone else is using the same one. Templates are designed to be one size fits all_ designs. That means that no template will really suit your business very well, either, not to mention that it’s nearly impossible to find a template that with a color scheme that works well with your business’s brand.

And all that is just for “normal” sites displaying text and images. If you want to provide some kind of online service or application, such as a way to place orders or request quotes on your site, then you’ll definitely want to get a custom solution made for you. The only way to make something like that would be to code it yourself. Even if you use online libraries like, for example, jQuery, you’ll still have to modify the code to work for your own site. That can quickly get very complicated and time-consuming, and, if it doesn’t work in the end, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

Many companies offer customized web solutions at very low cost making sites quickly that gives a professional feel. Some suggest changes to the site that can go a long way it making it successful, helping your business grow. Years of experience in website design and programming are assets of those organizations that makes websites more practical and provides you services you may not have realized that you wanted, no matter how large.

Written by Humza Hemani: Humza Hemani is a professional blogger, working for an offshore Web Development Firm Genetech Solutions, a leading IT consulting firm that offer top notch iPhone Application Development, Professional Web Design and other web services. Read more of his work on Genetech’s Blog.